Working with a RMT

November 21, 2022 • Massage Therapy

Our talented Registered Massage Therapists have various massage techniques to assist you in recovering your balance from any muscle related concern.

These techniques include:

  • Muscle Energy Technique - Muscle energy technique (MET) is an osteopathic massage therapy technique that improves the strength, range of motion and the length of shortened or spastic muscles. Learn More
  • Myofascial Therapy - A technique that maintains muscle tissue health and performance by releasing the fascia or tissue that surrounds muscles stressed by work positions, poor posture and injuries. Learn More
  • Neuromuscular & Trigger Point Therapy - Releases areas of specific muscle strain, pain and dysfunction with a deep tissue massage that uses static pressure and friction techniques.Learn More
  • Pre and Post Natal Massage - Supports your body as it adjusts to carrying baby both during and after pregnancy. It helps to reduce aches and pains, improve sleep and moods. Learn More
  • Sports Massage - Helps you achieve your best performance, reduce muscle soreness, and recover more quickly from injuries with regular sports massage. Learn more.
  • Stress Management & Relaxation Massage - This type of massage is the most important because it helps you to calm and cleanse your body so you can enjoy a feeling of wellness along with better sleep. Learn More

You can book your appointments online here or by calling the clinic at (250) 545-0103.