Pre-natal massage & post-natal massage (pregnancy massage)

Mamas, support your body as it changes to do its most important job yet. 

Many women find massage very therapeutic both during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy it is important to support your changing body during your pregnancy. There may be strains and soreness from the extra weight you are carrying and also from the joints starting to relax making the muscles work harder to support them. During your pre-natal massage session, our RMT’s will also give you ideas for self-care to support your wellness during this period.  

After baby is born, it’s important to keep receiving massage therapy as your body is still going through large changes hormonally and physically returning to its original shape. In addition, you are now holding a growing baby and if you are breastfeeding, the position can cause upper back and neck tightness and discomfort. Our team of RMT’s can also guide you in exercises to strength muscles that were weakened by pregnancy and delivery.

A pre-natal massage treatment may help to:

  • Reduce general muscle tension and pain
  • Decrease stress, depression and anxiety
  • Improve mood and sleep
  • Decrease back and pelvic pain
  • Reduce headaches
  • Manage symptoms of edema & sciatica

PROOF: “Pregnant women benefit from massage therapy”

Twenty-six pregnant women were assigned to pre-natal massage therapy or a relaxation therapy group for five weeks.  Only the massage therapy group reported reduced anxiety, improved mood, better sleep and less back pain by the last day of the study. In addition, urinary stress hormone levels decreased for the massage therapy group with fewer complications during labour and their infants had fewer post-natal complications.
(Field T, et al., J Psychosom Obstet Gynaecol.  1999 Mar, 20 (1):31-8)

Are you ready for better sleep, moods and support for your muscles?