RMT Vernon: Myofascial therapy

Restore muscle movement at the core

Myofascial therapy is any treatment technique or procedure that either prevents or relieves symptoms and signs related to the myofascial tissues. This is a broad-brush use of the term that allows for various treatment.

Most practitioners and patients today use the term ‘myofascial therapy’ as a generic term to describe physical treatment methods applied to skeletal muscles and their connective tissues. These tissues, as an anatomical and function unit are referred to as ‘myofascia’ or ‘myofascial tissues.’

There are many connective tissues in the body, but the ones targeted by this treatment are the fascia that surrounds each muscle, functional groups of muscles, and the layers of fascia covering the entire body.

Treating this fascia can be very effective in relieving postural distortions due to:

  • past injuries
  • work-related positions
  • habitual poor posture

Releasing the fascia that surrounds groups of muscle or individual muscles allows the muscle to get optimal blood flow to maintain the health of the muscle tissue and attain optimal performance out of the muscle. Myofascial therapy is often done without oil or lotion so the fascial can be loaded to trigger the release of the fascia. This treatment can be combined with Swedish massage as a precursor to the oil application or as its own complete treatment. Our therapists provide professional assessments to determine if your muscles and movement would benefit from myofascial therapy.

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