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January 20, 2024 • Healthy Living

Now we are at the end of January there is so much chatter about resolutions, intentions, goals…..

Every year I wrestle with myself inside about whether to post anything about it. I hate to add to the overwhelm and new years noise:

  • “Don’t do resolutions. You will fail.”
  • “Do them like this”
  • “No, not like that, like this!”
  • “Set a goal”
  • “Choose a word”
  • “Set an intention”

Anyone else overwhelmed and tired already?

Staying silent feels weird because I am actually in the business of helping people grow and achieve goals. So, weighing in feels appropriate but I don’t want to add to the overwhelm.

Sand Port

As my life changes, so does what I need for balance in my physical and mental health. I adjust each time, without judgment, without perfectionism, with a boat load of self compassion and

grounded action. I stay aligned with my values. Giving myself heaps of compassion while kicking perfectionism to the curb. Consistently.

And I make progress. Each year getting and staying healthy while living in alignment with my values gets easier.

The New Year is an opportunity for change, but so is every other day. Here are the steps that allow me to make progress year by year.

Identify your why. Why do you want to make the change? More Energy? More calm? Less bloating or pain free periods. Why is this change important to you?

Get clear on your values. Where does health sit on your values list? If it is not high on your list, lasting changes can feel harder.

Choices Port 2

Grounded Action: Lasting heath changes require us to prioritize health, to choose health over and over. We can’t choose health when we are in reactive mode.

Start anytime. Just start: Take small steps every day to make incremental progress. There is nothing different about January 1st or February 7th. You can start any day.

Stay out of judgement: If things aren’t going how you want. It’s okay. Stay neutral in your observation of your experience. Having self-compassion and rejecting perfectionism is key.

Access what you need: Take an honest look at why you stopped. What is in the way of what you want to be doing? Is it time, energy, access to resources or support? Do what you can to access what you need to get you where you want to go.

Make adjustments, and try, try again: No one who makes permanent health changes does it perfectly once they start. It’s a process and one that changes all the time. You start, then adjust, pivot and keep going.

Repeat: Making permanent health changes is a repetitive cycle. Repeat the cycle until you are automatically doing the things that build health. Healthy habits take time to form.

You can do this. When you are ready.

And if or when you need support, we can help you make the changes you want.