Rules for New Habits

January 17, 2023 • Active Lifestyle

In January many of us use the energy of the New Year to renew our commitment to ourselves and our goals. That’s why we make New Year’s resolutions. But by mid month many of those resolutions have given way to the patterns of our busy lives.

It is important to remember that it takes three weeks (21 days) to change/create a habit and we are only 2 weeks into the new year. Don’t give up! The 21/90 day rule can help you make lifestyle changes that stick.

New Year New Resolutions

There are also a few other tips that can help to keep you strong to achieve your goals.

The 21/90 day rule has a person commit to a goal for 21 days. Once the 21 days is done a habit should have been established. Then you continue another 90 days to cement it into a real change in your lifestyle.

Now that we’ve established what the 21/90 rule is, there are a few things that can help you to stay on track. Narrow down your focus. Often we take too much on at one time. It can be overwhelming and the reason so many resolutions go by the wayside. Make your goal singular and attainable. When the goal is defined specifically, a plan can be detailed to make it achievable.

Do one thing every day that improves your quality of life in a major way helps bring your goal into focus. It needs to be something specific that can be done each day no matter where you are. Small steps will lead to a great journey.

Stay positive. Every day find something to be positive about. Find a silver lining and write it down to make it real. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation. Just a word or two in a journal or on a calendar to make note of the happy thought. Doing this every day will help illuminate the positive around you. With positive thoughts to support you the negative will have less impact in your life.

Take five to ten minutes every day to do something that brings you joy. We are all motivated by pleasure, and need means of escape from the mundane. Taking this time every day takes some of the pressure away. It doesn’t have to be something big, but it does have to be something that you will look forward to every day. Take some time in nature, drag out some creative colouring books and pens, listen to music or extra snuggle time with your pets. It has to be something that gives you a break and a true feeling of recreation but doesn’t contradict your goals. The world will wait while you take a break for Joy. It will make a difference!

Let us help you make those changes that move you forward in your life. A massage can be a self care ritual you can look forward to. These few things may make the difference to making a lifestyle transformation and enjoy it.