Self Care Includes Massage Therapy

November 01, 2022 • Massage Therapy

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or a sports injury, you’ve just given birth or you’re feeling stressed at work, the RMT’s on our team of Massage Therapists at Balance have the specialized training and technique to help restore your muscle function and overall wellbeing.

Our bodies don't have it easy. We slouch at desks or we're on our feet all day. We piggyback our kids. Carry one too many bags of groceries. Paddle, ski, skate, ride and play ball until it's dark. Pull weeds. Shovel snow. Walk the markets. Run into sunset.

Self Care Massage2

On top of that, our bodies contend with illness, with disease, with stress, and with everyday life. While we can't always change the course life takes, we can support our bodies so we can enjoy life with greater mobility and well-being.

Our Balance massage therapy team is trained and adept at assessing conditions and creating a course of treatment to provide relief. The goal is simple: decrease pain and propel healing by improving muscle and joint function. Along the way, you're apt to experience improved blood flow, overall health as well as a sense of calm and better sleep.

Appointments can be booked online here or by calling the clinic at (250) 545-0103