Massage for Mental Health

December 13, 2022 • Massage Therapy

Life can be busy and stressful, having regular massage therapy treatments is much more than just relaxing your sore muscles. We all know that the various forms of massage can help increase the range of motion, help decrease pain and provide a sense of relaxation. But there’s a reason why your massage makes you feel better.

Mental Massage Cropped

Regular massage can improve your mental health because it helps relieve stress, contributes to better sleep and provides a temporary oasis of calm away from the busy-ness of the world.

Massage therapy affects two hormones that are key to our mental health balance. It can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase the levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone,” because levels of oxytocin increase during hugging and connection to a loved one.

Massage can also help raise serotonin levels, a natural chemical that contributes to a sense of well-being and happiness, and dopamine, which affects mood. Both can also have an impact on the quality of our sleep. A deep, relaxing massage can help your body unwind and get the rest you need to improve your mood and restore your mental health.

During your massage every effort is made to help you detach from the ‘real world’ and embrace relaxation. Soft music, soft lighting, and a calming atmosphere all combine to create an oasis of calm; a place where you can’t be reached by e-mail or bothered by calls. Even if it’s just for an hour, the opportunity to unplug and briefly leave our troubles behind can make a big difference to our mental health.

Care for your mental health is so important in these stressful times. Book your massage appointment online here or by calling the clinic at (250) 545-0103. Your body and mind will thank you.