Infertility Myths

August 07, 2022 • Women's Health, Fertility

If you’re TTC (trying to get conceive) you’ve likely heard all the infertility myths out there. There can be a lot of stress and tension while going through your TTC journey, these myths can add to your stress.

There are people who’ve had different experiences and will have their opinions about why you’re not pregnant yet—and you’ve probably heard all their ‘expert tips’ for getting pregnant fast.

But let me tell you, there are so many infertility myths out there and I think it’s time that I debunk some of the most common ones I hear in the TTC space.

Here are the most common myths, and I hope that this gives you some peace on your journey.

1. Infertility is based solely on the woman’s body.

FALSE – It is estimated that 40-50% of the time, infertility is due to “male factor” infertility. There may be deficiencies in semen parameters like sperm counts, motility or morphology or the genetic health of the sperm.

2. If you are over 35, you can’t get pregnant.

FALSE – There are some declines in ovarian health as we age but it only takes one healthy egg and one healthy sperm to make a baby. Optimise your health and you can optimise your chances. Support is available if you need it.

Infertility Myths Hourglass

3. Different sex positions enhance fertility

FALSE – Anything that gets the sperm into the reproductive tract will do. There is so much pressure to time intercourse correctly and then we throw in repeated attempts in a month. The last thing your s.e.x life needs when TTC is more instructions. Do what feels good, and focus on fun and connecting with your Partner.

4. Irregular menstrual cycles are a precursor to infertility

FALSE – You don’t need a textbook menstrual cycle to get pregnant. You need to know when you are ovulating so you can time intercourse correctly. But it doesn’t need to be perfectly 28 days with an ovulation day of Day 14. I have seen many a chart that looked irregular but ended in a baby.

Infertility Myths Stress

5. Just eliminate stress and you’ll get pregnant.

FALSE – “Just relax”, “Go on vacation”, “Try not to focus on it”. This myth is the hardest one and most harmful. Although we know stress can play a role in fertility, it is so hurtful to imply that we are harming our own fertility with our stress response. Its physiological, and in most cases the infertility itself is the source of the stress.

Infertility is not that simple, it is layered and complex and as unique as each woman. Blanket advice serves no one. It's not as easy and a hot bath and some bath salts.

If you’re trying to conceive, I’d love to walk alongside you and support you on your unique journey. I’ve been there myself, and I would love to be for you. For what I only wished I had while I was trying to conceive.

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