Healing Your Hormonal Foundation

January 23, 2022 • Women's Health, Fertility, Hormones, Pregnancy

Healing your fertility and hormonal issues happens from the ground up.

This image is a replica of one I spotted on @drjolenebrighton. She is a super smart ND and like me is obsessed with women being empowered about their body and their periods.

I love this triangle because it demonstrates visually how essential it is that our hormonal concerns be treated from their foundation upwards. Your adrenal glands and insulin are your hormonal foundation. When we don’t have healthy blood sugar regulation due to poor diet choices or pre-existing conditions like PCOS then hormonal chaos can follow. Likewise, when our stress levels are high and our adrenal glands and nervous system regulation is thrown off, it causes thyroid and sex hormone havoc.

Foundation Pyramid

Then when infertility or hormonal health concerns come up like PMS, acne, PCOS, fatigue, painful periods, hair loss brain fog, anxiety, or other mood changes, it can be tempting to dive right into treating the sex hormones right away.

But a health strategy that addresses the root cause will always need to address blood sugar, adrenal and thyroid health first. In my practice I always make sure those foundational pieces are addressed. We can add in supports for symptom management to get you feeling like yourself again as quickly as possible. But just like your house, a healthy foundation is key to lasting change and sustainable health.

And PS if your gut is a mess then that is where we start. Imagine this triangle on a platform requiring gut health first.

If you are looking for a fertility and hormonal health strategy individualized to you, let’s talk. I work with women all over BC via telemedicine and in person in the Okanagan and Greater Vernon area.

Gut Heart 2