Clean Eating Stew (Beef or Bison)

November 29, 2018 • Recipes, Mains


1 ½ pounds top round or stew meat (beef or bison)

4 cups clean vegetable stock or broth

6 carrots – cut in chunks

1 large red onion

4 stalks celery

2 large portabello mushrooms – I add some extra crimini mushrooms as well. I leave them whole.

¼ cup whole wheat flour ( I use rice flour)

½ cup balsamic vinegar

2 T. honey

½ t. black pepper

1 T. garlic powder ( I use fresh garlic)

2 small bay leaves

1 t paprika

2 T. olive oil

Beef Stew L


Prepare veggies- cut into bite size chunks. Put all the veggies in a large pot with 1 T. olive oil and all the spices. Cook until onions begin to get soft. Stir constantly. Once finished, pour the veggies into a crock pot – keep the pot handy for the bison/beef.

Cut bison/beef into bite size chunks. Put the meat into the same pot you cooked the veggies in (don’t wash the pot) – this will help to add some flavor to the meat.

To the meat ADD 1 T. olive oil, flour, vinegar and honey. Cook, stirring constantly until most of the meat is browned. Careful not to overcook – just brown the meat. Place meat mixture in crock pot with veggies. Add vegetable broth.

Cook on low for 7-8 hours.

All crock pots cook differently – newer models take less time – older ones take more time. Mine takes approx 4 hours.

I have also cooked this recipe in the pot on the stove or in my clay baker.

So good the next day!