Lab services and in-office testing

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Our naturopathic doctors can order a range of lab services and perform in-office testing to help investigate root causes of your symptoms.

Standard blood tests

Our naturopathic doctors can request a variety of blood tests through Valley Medical Laboratories. These tests may be available through your family medical doctor and covered by BC MSP. If ordered through one of our ND’s, there are fees that will apply. For information on available tests, please come in and discuss your needs with your naturopathic doctor.

Allergy testing

Seasonal and pet allergies: In-office skin scratch testing to determine IgE allergic responses to trees, grasses, weeds, ragweed, dust mites, dogs, cats and molds.

Food sensitivities: Food sensitivities involving IgG reactions can be determined with a blood test through Rocky Mountain Analytical. (Patient Information - PDF)

Saliva hormone testing

Samples are taken at home and then sent in to a laboratory in Calgary (Rocky Mountain Analytical) for testing. The kit is provided by your naturopathic doctor upon her recommendation as to which test(s) is most appropriate for you.

Tests available include:

Urine Tests

  • Toxic and essential elements: Urine samples taken pre and post provocation to determine total body burden of heavy metals and other toxic and essential elements. (Patient information - PDF)
  • DUTCH panel (Patient information - PDF)
  • Standard urinalysis: An in-office test can be used to determine the presence of a urinary tract infection, glucose in urine, urine pH and more.

Hair analysis

Hair samples can be analyzed to assess recent exposure to toxic elements and provide some information on nutritional status. (Patient information - PDF)


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Are you interested in finding out what’s causing you to feel unwell? Vernon lab services and tests could provide clues about the cause of your symptoms.