Can homeopathy help improve health and well-being?


Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine which is based on the practice of treating like with like. The word homeopathy is derived from the Greek word homois, meaning like or similar. Homeopathic medicine treats the whole person, as an individual, rather than treating the disease alone. This means that people with the same disease may be treated with different medicines

The approach to homeopathic treatment assumes that the symptoms of illness are not simply a sign of something ‘wrong,’ but are indications of the body attempting to heal itself. Therefore, we are not becoming ill from a pathogen (e.g. bacteria or virus) or from stress, but from our body's efforts to fight these forces. Homeopathic medicine works by stimulating and encouraging your body's own natural healing force. It follows the naturopathic principle of 'Vis Medicatrix Naturae': the healing power of nature, which is inherent to all living things. Rather than simply addressing the problem, homeopathic remedies are actually reminding your body of how to heal itself so you can achieve long-term health.

Homeopathy can be used to help many illnesses or health conditions, including digestive concerns, skin conditions, women's health issues, men's health issues, pain, and sleep conditions. It is also used for colds, flu's, allergies, hay fever and for assisting women in labour.

Homeopathic medicine is safe and non-addictive. They are safe used with babies, children, pregnant women, elderly, and even animals. Homeopathic medicines can be in the form of a single or combination remedies, as liquid, tablets, granules, or creams.

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