Massage Therapy

What do I do once the massage is finished?

In order to promote elimination and drainage from the tissues, it is recommended that you drink several glasses of water following a massage treatment. Epsom salts bath are also encouraged.

How will I feel after a massage?

Most people experience an overall feeling of relaxation, which may make you feel tired. This is normal, and should resolve within a day or two. You may also experience some soreness after a deeper therapeutic massage, which is normal, but should not last more than 2 days.

What do I wear during the massage treatment?

The massage is geared towards your comfort and therefore we ask you to undress to your level of comfort. It is easier for us to treat you most effectively when working directly on your skin; however, we can work through clothing. Often people leave their underwear on, but others feel more comfortable without. You will always be securely draped with the top sheet and only the area treated is undraped. If we need to move you often on the table or guiding you through exercises you will be asked to bring in or wear shorts and a sports bra for the ladies.

How long will my treatments be?

This is the optimal time for a complete treatment is 60 minutes for a full body treatment or for a thorough treatment of a specific condition. 45 and 30 minute massages are available, however this only allows for a shorter treatment of less severe symptom patterns for areas such as neck and shoulder, back, or legs and feet.

What is involved with the first massage appointment?

The first 15 minutes of a new patient appointment are allotted to discuss the health history forms and to allow the massage therapist to ask you general health questions along with information about your primary concerns. The therapist may perform assessments to evaluate the area. The remainder of the appointment time is reserved for treatment.