Counselling Therapy

What about confidentiality?

The information that we discuss is confidential, and protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of BC. Your information would only be shared only with your written consent and a form would need to be completed. It is important that you are aware that I would be required by law to release information/report when a client poses a risk of harm to themselves or others and in cases of abuse to children, vulnerable adults or the elderly. If I receive a court order or subpoena, I may be required to release some information. In such cases, I consult with the British Columbia College of Social Work and limit the release to only what is necessary by law. This will be discussed with you at your first appointment.

How long will my treatment be?

Treatment varies by individual need and is relative to the presented issues and goals of service. Together we will determine the goals and will establish timeframes to complete the work to make the changes that you are seeking

What kind of counselling is offered at this clinic?

Counselling offered at this clinic is offered by a registered professional, trained in clinical therapy modalities. Types of therapy that may be used include - Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Problem Solving Therapy and Narrative Therapy. I work from a strengths based, systems and feminist perspective, looking at each individual person and their situation. The appropriate theory and interventions that are applied are based on my clinical assessment and discussions with you.

Why should I see a counsellor?

The decision to access counselling support is very personal and individual. Counselling services are accessed for many reasons, often people are seeking clarification and support around current or past stressful life events. The goal of counselling is to process these events and help create change in your life that lasts.

Is counselling covered by Extended Health?

Some Extended Health Plans cover counselling services; please contact your provider to see what types of counselling services and what types of counselling service providers are covered.

Is counselling covered by MSP?

Private counselling is not covered by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).

What is a Registered Social Worker?

A Registered Social Worker is an individual with formal social work education who has successfully completed the registration process with the BC College of Social Work. Every registered Social Worker must adhere to the standards of practice and the code of ethics. The BC College of Social Workers (BCCSW) is the regulatory body for the practice of social work in British Columbia. Our mandate is to protect the public interest by establishing and supporting high standards for qualified Registered Social Workers”. (BCCSW Webpage 2014)

What is Counselling Therapy?

Counselling Therapy is a therapeutic relationship between and registered professional counsellor and a client for the purposes of creating lasting change through assessment, discussion and treatment. Counselling occurs is a safe and confidential environment to allow life challenges to be explored, provide clarification with the goal of creating positive change.