Aromatherapy massage

A whole other level of massage bliss & healing

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to stimulate or relax the body.  Essential oils are derived from highly concentrated extracts of herbs, flowers, shrubs, as well as plants or plant material.  They are the pure essence of the plants they are taken from.  

These oils contain properties that are therapeutic when inhaled or applied to your skin when blended with carrier oils.  We have combined the oils to form a pleasing scent, and, with their specific healing properties, an aromatherapy massage can be tailored to your needs. Pick from a selection of blends and add it to your massage experience.

The RMT’s at our clinic offer the kind of aromatherapy massage Vernon health enthusiasts rave about for their rejuvenating, healing effects.

Experience a soothing, custom-blended aromatherapy massage of your own.