Counselling Therapy Now Availble

November 27, 2014 • Counselling Therapy

A Counsellor is a healthcare profession dedicated to working with people to help identify, clarify and work through concerns that are impacting one’s emotional and psychological health. Individual sessions are available for adults and teens to address:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress and feelings of being overwhelmed

  • low self-esteem and loneliness

  • relationship and couples issues

  • life changes/adjustments/diagnoses

  • grief and loss - including pregnancy loss

Services offered as part of counselling therapy treatment for you may include:

Getting to know you In the first session, time is spent getting to know you and talk about your reasons for coming in to speak with a counsellor. As we get to know each other and get prepared to work together I encourage you to ask questions about the process. You will be asked to complete an intake form.

Assessment and Goal Setting After our first session, together we will identify goals for the time that we are working together. Through honest discussion, listening and feedback, I will complete a brief assessment and together we will set the goals and the length of time for service. It is my goal to help you find insight and solutions.

Relaxation Techniques Techniques and suggestions will be offered to assist in maintaining the ability to be present, focused and calm during sessions.

Your Homework As with any process of change, it requires effort, part of the work that we do together will also require you to go out and try out new strategies in your own life and experiences. There may be other suggestions of things for you to try at home such as new strategies for conversations, interactions, challenging negative thinking, journaling, relaxation techniques, and exercise. Eating well, drinking water, and taking good care of your physical and emotional health is an important part of the overall change and recovery process.

A note about confidentiality… The information that we discuss is confidential, it would be shared only with your written consent (a form would need to be completed). It is important that you are aware that I would be required by law to release information/report when a client poses a risk of harm to themselves or others and in cases of abuse to children, vulnerable adults or the elderly. If I receive a court order or subpoena, I may be required to release some information. In such cases, I consult with the British Columbia College of Social Work and limit the release to only what is necessary by law