Being comfortable in your skin

July 17, 2012 • Healthy Living

Feel comfortable in your own skin concept of Zero Balancing

Zero balancing directs a person's journey towards wholeness. It deals with energy as a working tool and considers the relationship of energy and structure in the human body. It creates clearer and stronger fields of energy to resolve imbalances and works with expanded states of consciousness induced through touch. The working energy model of the human body is composed of many systems similar to the physical anatomy which has systems such as endocrine and circulatory.

As energy flows within the body, it flows through many electromagnetic systems. Working with the technique of Zero Balancing, I balance three electromagnetic systems: the deep current through the bone and skeletal system; the middle currents through the soft tissues of the body; and the superficial level of vibration beneath the skin surface called Wei Qi.

Wei QI can be simulated while you skin brush (as in Melainie Giroux's article), which can create a stronger electromagnetic field.

Wei Qi can be thought of as a shield of energy that runs along the body surface. This protective shield wards off external negatives (low energy) influences (such as adverse weather patterns like cold and wind) that can cause health imbalances. Stimulating the skin can strengthen and awaken the Wei Qi and strengthen the overall connection to all the other levels of energies in the body.